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DM: 5.65 Mapraider
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CTF: 6.00 NaliCity

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Game: UT2004
Player Count: 8 - 16
Released: 09-05-04

This was the first map I made, although second released. This was the original concept out of which DM-BelowTokara developed.
Inspiration came from several sources including a Monolith Blood map, the Columbus, OH airport, and a rental car pavilion in Baltimore, MD.
I tried to focus on implementing z-axis in interesting ways with four main areas heavy on verticality connected by 'pipe tubes'. The tubes lined with pipes provide z-axis to those willing to double-jump. I tried to ensure that players that fall from the great heights would not be hurt, if they used the air control properly, by padding many of the lower areas with water. A risk/reward system where escape is quick by jumping off whatever one is on, but at the price of being temporarily 'exposed' by being slowed down in the water.
A 'purposeful' descent is also failry easy with the addition of many intermediate places to jump down onto. Still, these are not as obvious as they could have been, which may lead to many players plummeting to their demise.
For a first map, I don't think it's too bad. But now I can see all the things that could have been improved.
Hindsight is 20/20. :)