These are community members that I've had the opportunity to work with since I started mapping. Many have been of a great help to me though our mutual involvement in the UCMP.


.:ZIO:. - A UCMP mapper. Also does some graphic and web design.
3DTexturizer - A UCMP artist. Also found hanging around UnrealPlayground.
Bellasadda - A UCMP mapper. "I have one word for you: Movers."
BIOS - A UCMP mapper. Great maps with a hint of orange zest.
Dregs - A UCMP artist. Beautiful work and a little bit of level design on the side.
Hourences - Level Designer extraordinaire, tutorials, a book - you can't go wrong with him.
JuggaloKyle - DM-UCMP-PleasantValley visionary.
Moonflyer - A UCMP mapper. He works in the industry - well worth a visit.
Saka - A UCMP mapper and a nice Maya tutorial to boot.
Sjosz - A UCMP mapper. Also found at pretty much every other Unreal site.
Slainchild - A UCMP mapper. Eats layouts for breakfast.