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Required: HaloUT P1.75 or higher AND their CXP



Game: UT2004
Player Count: 8 - 14
Released 11-18-2005

Made in conjuction with Project Torlon's CXP Pack on special invitation from project head AnubanUT2. The idea was to create a Halo-esque UT2k4 map.
I had never played Halo so I relied primarily on concept art from Bungie's website and screenshots I found on the web. About halfway through map construction I did buy the game and played through some of it. It was a good challenge trying to match the style and look of an established theme.
I also challenged myself to stretch my botpathing knowledge. I created a revolving damage amp mesh and successfully got bots to recognize the amp placement on it. Another difficulty to overcome was to plath jumppads that propeled the player, and bots, over a gap. Since jumppads usually propel up, getting them to propel 'sideways' was a problem. I ended up solving the problem using pathnode blocking class-based blocking volumes and jumppad desitnations that were in mid-air, but 'momentum' would complete the arc. Finally, with a little community help, I succesfully assaultpathed the map to allow the bots to take seperate routes, and also to set up defensive points.
Finally, I challenged my modeling ability by creating surrounding cliffs for the entire map. It's one of the first 'organic' meshes I've attempted.
This is a HUGE CTF map with minimal connections. I wanted to promote teamwork and communication. So through a series z-axis bases, long narrow routes, and sniper-friendly areas the FC would have to rely on teammates for protection.