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Featured in June,
2005 issue of
PCZone magazine

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Game: UT2004
Player Count: 8-14
Author: JuggaloKyle
Co-Authors: ArcadiaVincennes & Stormblade

Kyle brought in a very early version of this map when he joined the UCMP. After watching progess on it, Stormblade and I offered our assistance perfecting the pathing and the visual side of it.
Between the two of us, we reworked the perimeter, revised the lighting, altered some material channels on stock meshes, put together the particle effects, and streamlined the pathing. We also assisted in some layout tweakage.
The original had no visual support for the elevated walkways, pathnodes every 256 UU, was too dark to play, and had stretched, sharp terrain forming the border. I originated the concept of leaning trees holding up the walkways with chains, I tweaked the blue lighting and added the surrounded yellow lighting, created the boulder perimeter, and helped iron out the particle effects on the lights, and lava spout. I also placed the Damage Amp and created more paths 'up and down' for the bots to take as they originally were stuck either on the ground, or on the walkways and did not travel between the two. Adding the surrounding jumppads, and adding friendlier 'jump-down' points alleviated this problem.
Taking a note from the original TokaraForest map, I created the 'illusion' of the upper canopy forest reaching up. Also, I created the skybox using screenshots from the original TokaraForest map.
All three of us were pleased with the final results.