Matt Bromley
Unreal Engine Level Designer since 2006
Senior Level Designer

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My shipped titles are:

Mafia III; developed by Hangar 13 and released by 2K Games on 10/07/16
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified; developed by 2K Marin and released by 2K Games on 08/20/13
Homefront; developed by Kaos Studios and released by THQ on 03/15/11
Frontlines: Fuel of War; developed by Kaos Studios and released by THQ on 02/25/08
Hour of Victory; developed by N-Fusion Interactive and released by Midway on 06/25/07

Other noteworthy details:

Author of 100+ Unreal Kismet Tutorials and Unreal Lighting Tutorial translator

Speaker on MP level design analysis and Industry Panelist: IADT Detroit Interfaces Conference; 2009

Interviewed at New World Designer Online Magazine

Edited and made minor content contributions to two industry-related books:
"The Hows and Whys of The Games Industry" 2007 and "The Hows and Whys of Level Design" 2008
by Sjoerd De Jong (otherwise known as Hourences)

Involved in the Unreal Online Community as a hobbyist level designer as well as:
Reviewer for community-generated UT99, UT2003, and UT2004 levels at Nali City
Level designer, webmaster, graphic artist, and later leader, of the 'Ultimate Community MapPack'

View my resume/cv online:

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