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Game: UT2004
Player Count: 8 - 14
Released: 01-16-06

This is my entry into UnrealPlayground's 'Old School Rules' mapping competition. The concept was to create a 'UT99'-styled UT2004 map by restricting map techniques to those resembling UT99. Static meshes (except for movers), DXT3, and DXT5 textures were banned (except for emitters and coronas), and the BSP polycount had to remain below 5000, along with a few other restrictions. The timeline for completion was 10 days.

To stay true to the idea, I did about 85% of the BSP work in the editor that shipped with UT99. I then imported the BSP into UT2004 and proceeded to do the lighting, emitters, weapon and pickup placement, and botpathing. Due to some RL issues, I did not have the time to fully polish it, but I am satisfied with the state it did end up in and that I successfully met the deadline.

One gameplay mechanic I tried to play with a bit, was obscuring line of sight. I chose steam with which to accomplish this because it provides varying levels of opacity and with a few moving steam emitters, I think that it makes the combat a little more interesting.