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DM: 7.70 Mapraider
DM: 6.50 NaliCity
CTF: 6.00 Insite
CTF: 7.73 Mapraider
CTF: 7.00 NaliCity

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Game: UT2004
Player Count: 6-8
Release 08-22-04

While DM-BelowTokara was in beta, I still wanted to map and I had received a request for a CTF map for Low-Grav Instagib set in space. I generally dislike the space-themed, platform in space, floating on nothing, CTF maps so I decided to do it my way.
I put together a story on why it's floating in space, and mapped it according to that.
I challenged myself to build a more elaborate skybox with many 'pieces' in it spinning and rotating. I also challenged myself to build it quickly since I had spent so long on the tokara maps. I managed to finish this one in a little over one week.
As for the gameplay, I tried to create something with fairly direct, 'in-your-face' gameplay. Thus the paths between the flags are fairly direct and somewhat flat, with two more 'indirect' routes to help keep the options open.