Studio: Kaos Studios
Publisher: THQ
Engine: Unreal 3.0
Release Date:
PC, XBox360, PS3

SP: Two years into the occupation a former helicopter pilot finds himself pulled into the resistance.
MP: In 2025 the Greater Korean Republic invaded the western United States. These are some of those battles. Play 16 v 16 Ground Control, TDM, or Battle Commander modes.

Homefront Homefront Resistence Trailer Official Launch Trailer 2009 SinglePlayer Prototype
Position: Senior Level Designer
Responsibilities: Develop and iterate MP & SP whiterooms/prototypes and eventual mission docs. Own mission gameplay execution from initial development, through layout/combat iteration, collaboration with other departments, to polish, and finally to bug fixes. Keep other designers up to date with incoming scripting tools, workflow improvements, optimization techniques, and combat toolset. Field technical and difficult bug questions from design team. Participate in and host meetings, reviews, and planning sessions. Participate in SCRUM groups.
• Worked with another LD on competitive MP FPS Level Design Analysis using a Formal Abstract Design Language
• Evaluated Autodesk Kynapse with other departments and then taught the SP LD team how to use it
• Managed the streaming and combat scripting for 2009 and 2010 E3 Homefront presentations
• Designed and assisted programmers in developing new Kismet for AI and other functions as well as other new tools
• With design team feedback, created and standardized the kismet for SP checkpoints, streaming, and player death
• Was one of the two LDs that acted as memory and framerate optimization contacts for the level design dept
• Mission 3 (Fire Sale) mission owner but also contributed significantly to roughly of the other SP levels
• Inherited an MP DLC level; finished the design and brought it to completion

Homefront SP Mission 3 Videos:
Part 1 Part 2

MP 'Bridge' Video: