Studio: N-Fusion Interactive
Publisher: Midway
Release Date:
PC, XBox360

SP: Three characters with three different strengths are tasked with foiling a German nuclear weapons program during WWII.
MP: In a WWII setting, play 6 v 6 TDM, CTF, or Devastation; a game mode where players must wipe out the opposite team's generators using bombs the players carry..

Hour of Victory Official Trailer Official Launch Trailer
Position: Level Designer
Develop and iterate SP whiterooms/prototypes and eventual mission docs. Own encounter gameplay execution from initial development, through layout/combat iteration, environmental art, FX, and lighting implementation, to polish, and finally to bug fixes. Participate in meetings, reviews, and planning sessions.
• Used Kismet to script AI behaviors, level events, prefabs, and implement mission objectives
• Used Cascade to create particle effects and the Material editor to create materials
• Implemented environmental art passes on significant portions of three levels
• Implemented a lighting pass on one level