*Note: I created the most of the tutorials using the Roboblitz and Gears of War editors. Based on the engine, and the version, some properties specified may be in slightly different locations than what is displayed in the screenshots.

If you need to learn how to create a basic map I would recommend:
For UT99, UT2K3 & UT2K4: the Unreal Wiki.
For UT3: Waylon's Tutorials.

What is Kismet?

Kismet is a GUI for portions of UScript that's accessible to Level Designers to use when creating levels. Level Designers can now take the events, actors, classes, and actions provided by the engine and programmers, and put them to use without coding anything themselves. Gone are the days of tracing event name text through a series of actors in a level to figure out where something went wrong. Now you can just follow the lines from point to point.

Thank You To the following people for undertaking the massive task of translating these tutorials:
French Translations: 'raziel31' and 'djsilt' from BeyondUnreal and Unreal.fr
German Translations: Radon from Unrealed.info

And thank you to the following people for teaching me Kismet:
'Tylak', 'The Professor', '.:ZiO:.', 'GizmoSan', & the fine folks at EpicGames.