Studio: Hangar 13 Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Release Date:
PC, XBoxOne, PS4

Brief: New Bordeaux, 1968: When Lincoln Clay's surrogate family, the black mob, is betrayed and wiped out by the Italian Mafia, Lincoln builds a new family on the ashes of the old and blazes a path of military-grade revenge and redemption through the Mafioso responsible.
A Single-Player Third-Person Open-World Action

Mafia III Official Launch Trailer Official Sign of the Times DLC Trailer
Position: Senior Level Designer
Responsibilities: Develop and iterate mission content and documentation. Assist with tool research and reccomendations.
• Main Game Missions
• Main Game Hideouts
• Optimization across Missions
• Sign of the Times DLC Mission

E3 2016
'A Real Nice Time'

Sign of the Times:
'Worse than Dying'