Whether you're looking for the offical Unreal site, the developers, the publishers, news, or erm, whatever else - these are good places to start.


Atari - The publishers of the Unreal Series (recently changed to Midway). Visit the Forums for all kinds of info, maps, mods, and general Unreal chatter.
BeyondUnreal - A fantastic Unreal Series compendium of Unreal info. Home of the Unreal Wiki - a great mapping resource. Friendly forums and up-to-date news. They also host their own servers for playing.
Digital Extremes - The kind of Co-Developers of the Unreal series. Thank you for Unreal!
Epic - The Developers of the Unreal series. Thank you for Unreal!
Extreme Players (German) - An Unreal Series News site who was kind enough to include two of my maps in their 'Round 1' Mappack
Official Unreal Tournament Site - The official site. Learn about the game here. Love it.
Planet Unreal - Part of the Gamespy Network. An Unreal Series site - keep up to date on Unreal info with their news!