Maybe you're looking for a site that hosts a whole lotta maps. Maybe you're looking for a site that has maps and reviews. Maybe you're looking for something completely different.
These should help you out - unless you're looking for something different. If you are, then you are very lost.


Atari - The publishers of the Unreal Series (recently changed to Midway). Visit the Atari/Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Mapping forums. People will help you in your mapping endeavors. Also, mappers will post their beta and final maps here.
Insite - Premier map review site hosted by BeyondUnreal. They weed out the good from the bad for you with in-depth reviews.
Mapraider - They are a quality map repository, review site, and have somewhat
active forums. Go download!
MichaelM's Ultimate Levels - Maps of high quality only, some brief reviews. Run by the founder of the UCMP.
NaliCity - A map review site hosted by BeyondUnreal. Maps, reviews, commentary, forums, and I review there too. All in one package.
UCMP - The Ultimate Community MapPack. Quality maps nicely packaged together. I'm currently heading the next project.
UnrealPlayground - Many, many maps, some reviews, and their own servers for online play.