*Note: I created the most of the tutorials using the Roboblitz and Gears of War editors. Based on the engine, and the version, some properties specified may be in slightly different locations than what is displayed in the screenshots.

If you need to learn how to create a basic map I would reccomend:
For UT99, UT2K3 & UT2K4: the Unreal Wiki.
For UT3: Waylon's Tutorials.

This tutorial is aimed at describing the various functions of the Kismet entities found in the 'Conditions' portion of the Kismet Context Menu.

Assumed knowledge: 'Intro to Kismet' and 'Kismet Variables' tutorials and how to create a simple test map (BSP, a light, a pathnode, and a playerstart).

Conditions are Kismet tools used to compare/contrast a set or sets of values against each other.

*Note: After reading the 'Intro To Kismet' tutorial you should know how to create Kismet entities through its context menu.

Any item underlined currently has a tutorial. Those that are not underlined are yet to be written.

Comparison: Compare Bool

Compare Float

Compare Int

Compare Objects

Counter: Float Counter

Int Counter

In Combat: In Combat

Same Team: Same Team